Exercices and tips
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Extend your capabilities to move for as long as possible and in good condition.

1. Stretch:

Perform stretching exercises while performing a prolonged task (example: at your place of work, a desk, standing, etc.). If stretching with a certain frequency will avoid backache, shoulders, joints, etc.. Stretching activates the circulation, diminuiem anxiety, relieve muscle tension, aiding the development of your body awareness.

2. recommended exercises:

  • run the Office in a way soft and relaxing
  • breathing slowly
  • run the elongation of a consciously to feel parts of the body involved

3. body posture:

The body posture is a set of actions, gestures, habits and attitudes that accumulated on a daily basis, shape our way of being in an attempt to improve body posture we often become rigid posture, forcing the joints. Sometimes we don't realize that we are uncomfortable and we repeat the same posture for several years, causing tensions and damage to the structure. To maintain a more relaxed posture, spending less energy, we must take some care with the movements that we do on a daily basis to stay standing, must realize if the feet have the support needed to receive the weight of the body. When sitting, if we are well supported in isquios and feet well supported on the floor, the column rested in the pelvis and the head supported on the neck. Stay tuned to the comfort of the seats and backrests chairs, Chair and desk height. Spending a lot of time without support in the same position quietly accumulates unnecessary tensions and, over time, leads to injuries.

Adopt incorrect postures for various reasons, since the use of inappropriate furniture, transport of objects inappropriately, the efforts related to the movement of volumes of excessive weight, etc.

4. For children and young people:

Children should not carry more than 10% of their ideal weight, and should not be used more than one hour per day.

Between 10 and 12 years Scoliosis can arise because the bone formation is not yet complete and if there is an overweight especially continued can harm your development.

Children should be taught from an early age to worry about your stance (how they sit, how to perform their actiividades, such as carrying materials. Alert to the fact that repeated stress injuries can arise even in leisure time, as for example with video games.