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Each injury, illness or emotional trauma leaves an impression on our structure. These prints occur in connective tissue (Fascia), which function is to support and connect to most components of our body. The defense that the connective tissue finds is the gradual hardening.

The agency pays a very high price for this kind of internal resistance. The pain occurs, develops patterns of habit and the individual learns to work with limited options in the movement.

The benefits of structural integration-Rolfing vary from person to person, however, the most frequent and reported by the practitioners of this method are:

  • Relieves tension and chronic muscle pains;
  • Aligns, lengthens and frees the body;
  • Relaxes and loosens the movements of the joints;
  • Improves circulation and respiration;
  • Provides greater vitality to the individual;
  • Better body education;
  • Enables more efficient and graceful movements;
  • Promotes psychological and emotional growth balanced.

From the individual differences of the customers, their limitations, difficulties and specific qualities, Structural Integration professional studies a plan of specific sessions and own for each one.

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Structural Integration-Rolfing-is indicated for people of any industry and of any age.