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ROLFING - integração estrutural

Posture and Pain


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Stress and Rolfing
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It is recommended to Rolfing for the following situations:

  • Tension or pain (articular or muscular)
  • Postural problems
  • Tiredness
  • Stress/physical and/or emotional Stress
  • Lack of energy
  • Improve performance of activities
  • Improve your physical and emotional well-being
  • Deepen the knowledge and balance her own body

Firstly the Rolfing will have a direct effect on the person's body structure. Consequently this ateração will inevitably bring positive emotional and behavioural level, decreasing for example stress/Stress. In this way, when someone suffers from psychological function problems, such as Stress/physical or emotional Stress, get through the action of Rolfing, improve gradually since its self-esteem, how to release tension and accumulated will re-establish its equilibrium by ensuring that your body and mind are in harmony.

Deepening a little more ...

All the elements of our body are supported in connective tissue – myofascial system -being responsible for the location of the skeleton and organs. Thus, the way the forces acting on that system makes the same perform movements. Just arising injuries or stress or tensions more or less located to compromise the balance of the myofascial system, as a part of the same does not work properly the remaining part of the inevitably affects all. These situations create an emotional wear and appear as a consequence symptoms of tiredness and physical and emotional stress.

The theory of structural integration is based on the physical restructuring due to the force of gravity, ensuring that the operation of the myofascial system is rebalanced and that previously mentioned tensions are released, allowing the energy to flow through the body unimpeded.

The force of gravity is the dominant force acting on our body. Hence the importance of the entire body structure be in harmony and remain in balance with respect to the action of gravity, allowing vital energy to flow. This can only be achieved from the realignment of all the segments of the body: trunk, legs, arms, head; getting to eiminação of all improperly accumulated tensions.

These chronic tensions over time will affect the biological or psychological or operation (Stress/Stress) of the human being.

A system that runs evenly – what you get after the Rolfing method-body movement is achieved with less effort, so it spends less energy to perform the movement, then facilitates not only mobility, as inevitably improves people's self-esteem and decreases at the same time the levels of "Stress/Stress".

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