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Posture and Pain


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posture and pain
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Eliminate the pain and develop good habits of posture.

Improve your posture by reducing the pain from the Rolfing Method.

Either as a result of incorrect posture to repeatedly increase pressures without realize either as results of accidents or emotional injuries we suffered during life, leads to lesions on the body and also emotional. As a result we have the appearance of pain to the shoulders on the back legs and difficulty standing during a given time.

The method of structural integration-Rolfing-not only eliminates these tensions/pains that we wear out physically, but also emotionally, as teaches activating our attention to the daily care we have to cultivate the psychic and biological balance.

To nourish a greater yield of Rolfing, will be very important not only to receive the therapy itself, how to engage in a process of learning and reeducation. This not only creates learning in an individual wellness as effectively assists the "me" relationship with each other and the "I" with the world, stimulating the self-esteem