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Men, 55 years
Case of a man who worked in a carrier for many years. When he was young most continually misused his body, the carrying excessive loads and with the quite incorrectly posture, which caused him to back pain almost permanent. He is keeping the same type of activity, after having been subjected to Structural Integration sessions. Improved their activity and have more attention to his posture, to the point of continuing to attend the sessions of Rolfing as a preventive measure .

Woman, 32 years
Case of a woman who plays a professional activity that requires it to spend many hours working on computers. Overuse of the "mouse", many days and very few breaks throughout the day, and still many hours a day. formed a tendinitis, leaving the patient to have the mobility that once it was normal. After subject to several sets of sessions of Rolfing, finally the patient is back to normal.

Young, 18 years old
By reason of wanting to join the College, this young man at the time of testing complained of anxiety and stress that often brought consequences not only the psychological level and change the schedule of a day that could be normal, but also brought her physical complaints: headaches, alteration of gastrointestinal function, among others. This young not only had a way of being more relaxed and calm, but also strengthened the picológico level, allowing you to lead a life with more quality. This was achieved after several sessions of Rolfing.

Child, 10 years
Following a slight accident by car was this kid with a sharp pain in neck, despite being properly secured in the appropriate Chair for a guy his age. However, as his mother was a patient of Rolfing, decided to take him to an interview and after the assessment were held several sessions which not only led to the demise of the neck injury, as improved a lot your posture, since, by bad habits of posture (quite common in children), had been also detected a moderate scoliosis.

Elderly 80 years
Lady of 80 years, has always been a very active and playful, after several years of suffering and complaining of pains he felt in the feet, knees, spine and neuralgia of the triplets, was becoming increasingly immobile and unhappy. Afraid to move so as not to feel the pain that affected, was changing his way of being, becoming more at home and, for the most part, lying. After the sessions of Rolfing, acquired the security and confidence needed to stand alone, the pain decreased and his life won again a positive aspect and happy to be alive, returned to relate positively with yourself and with others.