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ROLFING - integração estrutural

Posture and Pain


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The Rolfing part of finding that the force of gravity is one of the most significant influences, also the least understood, in the structure and function of the human being. The reaction of our structure to the force of gravity varies according to the way that positioned ourselves and the way we move, in a continuous interaction between the energy field, which is the human being, and the gravitational field.

When it establishes an upright and an appropriate symmetry, the gravitational force flows through the body and supports it, eliminating chronic discomfort resulting from its action on a bad body posture.

The human body is extremely plastic and moldable. The balance with gravity is broken when the needs and requirements of the body, begin to cause compensations and adjustments in its structure, modifying the patterns of movement and vertical alignment. As the process is uninterrupted and the adjustments are automatic and unconscious throughout life, lost track of the ideal balance, gravity begins to topple us, instead of us support. Apparently, the running muscles and bones are fulfilling their function. But the changes in the fibrous connective tissue (fascia) causing a permanent imbalance and may only be corrected with physical intervention.

To establish a harmonious relationship with gravity, the structure of the human body requires a balanced vertical alignment around a central axis, which we call "Vertical line". All segments of the body – head, neck, chest, pelvis and legs-must be organized around that axis. Is our ability to have a correct posture and demonstrate a perfect awareness, in the adaptation of our body needs and requirements depending on the circumstances of life, which reveals our well-being and the harmonious balance with the environment.

The Rolfing Method of structural integration not only affects the physical structure. The relief of symptoms is only one of the initial aspects of the method, which aims, reorganize the body more efficiently and economically. Structural Integration affects the life as a whole, somatic and psychological promotes changes, coupled with a sophisticated and body awareness to a re-education in order to be.


Quando se estabelece uma verticalidade e uma simetria adequadas, a força gravitacional fluí através do corpo e suporta-o, eliminando desconfortos crónicos consequentes da sua acção sobre um corpo em má postura.